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Truth of Life Magazine

Truth of Life Magazine

A magazine for everyone, with inspirational articles that soothe the soul, miraculous testimonies that warm the heart, children's stories for the little ones.  So much to read--a great value.

Single copy - $1.50
Single copy (non-U.S.) - $1.75
Self/Gift subscription (1 year) - $15.00
Self/Gift subscription (1 year, non-U.S.) - $18.00


Truth of Life Magazine Year Pack

We have back issues bundled into year packs! (while supplies last)

For issues prior to 1999, please call Truth of Life Publications to check for availability.



Truth of Life 1999, 12 issues: $9.00

Truth of Life 2000, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2001, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2002, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2003, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2004, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2005, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2006, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2007, 12 issues: $10.00

Truth of Life 2008, 12 issues: $10.00



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