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All religions emanate from one Universal God.

Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi
Learn about the founder of Seicho-No-Ie, Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi.

A brief introduction to the prayerful meditation practice called Shinsokan.

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Our Mission
The message that Seicho-No-Ie propagates is not new; yet it has the capacity to satisfy one's inner urging for something more out of life. It was founded in Japan in 1930 by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi,
who, through his deep concern over the many contradictions in life, dedicated many years of intensive study to different philosophies and religions, until one day, while in deep meditation, he received the divine inspirations that were to form the basis for the Truth of Life Movement. After receiving these inspirations, Rev. Taniguchi began spreading the teachings to others. Many miraculous healings took place; people recovered from various diseases, including cancer and tuberculosis. Others found harmony and prosperity after listening to or reading his inspired teachings.

Rev. Taniguchi's message is simple, direct, and it can change lives. His main theme is that each of us can reach spiritual fulfillment when we come to realize the God consciousness within us. Our lives are meant to be harmonious, joyful, and fulfilling in all aspects. Through the power of the mind, we can greatly improve our environment and physical condition by replacing our negativism with positive thoughts and beliefs.

We can become awakened to the true divinity which lies within us through a method of prayerful meditation called Shinsokan, which is taught at the various Truth of Life Centers. As Christ said, "The kingdom of God is within," and the practice of Shinsokan is a method to make this statement a living reality.

*Seicho-No-Ie (Say-choh No Ee-yay) means "The Home of Infinite Life, Wisdom and Abundance"


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