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Holy Sutras

Four Holy Sutras

Prayerful Song to Praise and Bless the Holy Missioners, Nectarean Shower of Holy Doctrines, Song of the Angel, For Spiritual Healing
All four Holy Sutras are now available in one convenient volume. Take this anywhere with you and recite the Holy Sutra every day and you will create a brighter world for yourself and your surroundings.



Four Holy Sutras on CD (audio)

Four Holy Sutras is now available in an audio CD format! Listen to the words of Truth, the words of God, anywhere, anytime.



Holy Sutra, Nectarean Shower of Holy Doctrines
(Regular and Amulet sizes available - please specify when ordering)

This Holy Sutra is the heart of Seicho-No-Ie.  The words are God's words which came to Rev. Taniguchi through divine inspiration.  This beautiful Sutra contains the essence of the Truth of Life.  You will find God's power here.

$10.00 - both sizes

Holy Sutra, Song of the Angel

This Holy Sutra is a song of Truth, the words of the Creator.  Through these words, awaken from the dream that you are merely a physical body.  Realize your true nature as a child of God, a being with eternal life.



Holy Sutra for Spiritual Healing

This beautiful Holy Sutra is now available in a new modern translation.  Read it and fill your consciousness with the realization that perfect health is natural for you, a child of God.  Understand how love and gratitude can overcome illness.  Be healed, be whole, and be healthy! 



Holy Sutra, Prayerful Song to Praise and Bless the Holy Missioners

Read this Holy Sutra to become aware of your mission as a Holy Missioner in this world.  Deepen your faith and let your actions be guided by God.






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