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New Year's Video Message from our President, Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi:

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2015 New Year's Message

Rev. Yoshiko Teshigawara, Bishop,
Seicho-No-Ie U.S. Missionary Headquarters


Let’s Make This A Year of New Great Growth!


Along with celebrating the New Year and wishing you all a brilliantly shining 2015, I pray that the world will be blessed with peace throughout the coming year.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of you for your extraordinary deeds of love in 2014 in your respective Areas, Regional Districts, and bases of propagation which spread and shared the teachings of the Truth to those around you.

Thanks to you, the spiritual eyes of many people were opened and they were able to “discover their brilliantly shining self, filled with the life of God.”  Each time I heard of the joyful testimonies of those born anew as children of God, I was reminded once again of how these experiences are only made possible through your sure faith and warm, loving care, and I was filled with respect and gratitude toward all of you.  Thank you very much.

As you know, our Founder, Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi and also Rev. Seicho Taniguchi repeatedly emphasized the need for humankind to break away from materialism.  It was their continued fervent wish that the world be rid of the materialistic point of view and that the True-Image World of Grand Harmony be manifested on this earth. 

In order to bring those sacred objectives to fruition, the Seicho-No-Ie President, Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi, and White Dove Association President, Mrs. Junko Taniguchi, have been leading the members worldwide in an increasingly concrete way through daily life, in the faith that human beings are all children of God and that all living things on this earth are expressions of His life. I look forward to working together with you throughout 2015 also to achieve our goal to help spiritually awaken the lives of all humankind,

Beginning last year, the Seicho-No-Ie Movement worldwide began using the calendar year as its Movement Year.  Moreover, the various ceremonies, etc. held at International Headquarters were made available for us to watch through online streaming (and, in some instances, on-demand viewing).  The content of the events for the year and when they were held were also reviewed.  In his writings, Founder Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi, taught us to the effect of the following:

“A new environment gives birth to great new strides.  Without new strides, life will not come to be vibrantly alive.  In a new environment, new dreams are envisioned, new experiences begin, new things occur, and new happiness and new cultures are created.  Open thy mind now and address a new world.  Do not reject new things; new things are messengers from heaven sent by God to sustain you anew….”

Let us keep these words in mind, and make the 2015 Movement Year one of new great growth.  In order to do this, let’s share President Masanobu Taniguchi’s New Year’s Message with as many people as possible.  Thank you very much in advance for your help and cooperation.

I have some wonderful news to share:  The English version of the “Sundial Diary,” Mrs. Junko Taniguchi, White Dove Association President, Supervisor, was published in December of last year!  Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese-speaking members have already been using the diary, but I sincerely hope that you will spread the use of this English version widely.  Writing in the “Sundial Diary” is practicing the “Sundial Principle” way of life.  By looking back on the day and writing only about the positive things (joyful things, things that made us feel grateful, things that moved us, etc.), means that we will be “changing the habits of our mind positively,” and we will be able to live and create an even brighter, happier life for ourselves.  Please share the joy of writing positive, joyful words with those around you.

Let us revere nature, remember to revere the God-nature that dwells within it, and express God’s infinite love abundantly!  Thank you very much!


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